Custom audio production examples :

Introductions :

It is important to use an instrumental track during the wedding party introductions - the dj has to talk over the music, and vocals interfere and make it hard for guests to hear what's being said. Good instrumental versions of songs aren't always available, or maybe you have a special idea... Addam can re-edit your favorite songs to make a custom instrumental bed for you!

Glory Days intro :
Firewoman intro :
Welcome to the Jungle intro :
Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough / Sweet Child O' Mine intro :
Baba O'Reilly intro :

Medley mixes and dance edits :

Want to put a twist on a reception tradition? Maybe make your first dance longer, or shorter, or have a longer beginning and shorter end? Or play a musical inside joke on your friends?

Crazy Father / Daughter dance medley :
Father / Daughter dance starts off " wrong" :

dj addambombb re-edit of Such Great Heights :
dj addambombb re-edit of Bass Down Low :

Music mixes for slide shows or video presentations :

Perhaps you'd like to show a photo montage during dinner during your reception - or make one to share after the fact. Working with a videographer? Add a custom mix program or medley to your wedding video!

Audio program for a corporate slideshow of party pictures :
(this is a link to the slideshow, with no audio)

This is something really special, a truly unique service!!!

Custom CD Project :

Once upon a time you hired a great dj for your wedding night, and it went by in a instant... Everyone had a great time and it was a great performance, but art is temporary and the night became a great memory...
The end.

You can now continue the experience with a CD of your favorite music, mixed by world class dj addambombb!

Addam will work with you to design a custom playlist of around a dozen tracks to make a continuous mix of your favorite music, consult with you and design your album art, have your CDs professionally pressed, printed and packaged and shipped to you!

You can order exactly the number of CDs you want, whether 25 or 87 or 154 or 329 or 2500!

These are NOT (emphasis on NOT) cheesy computer print out labels - these are high quality CDs that are retail quality - the only way to get a better pressing is to start a record label of your own! The CDs include full color disc printing, full color front and inside cover insert, full color tray card, and are packaged in jewel cases and cellophane wrapping.

You can have custom mix CDs made as wedding favors for your guests, to send with thank you notes, as an anniversary souvenir - or just for fun, a great mix to play at social gatherings!

$750 includes consultation, audio production, package design, mastering and all pre-press work. Expect such a project to take around a month to produce. Pressing costs $3.25 per unit, with a 25 unit minimum order. Delivery time from order is about two weeks, shipping price varies and is not included in unit price, all orders are shipped media mail (around $12 for 25 units, around $35 for 150 units). Please allow for possible shipping damage when you order! Any damaged units will be replaced at no charge, but turnaround time is a few weeks.

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