Addam is available to help you plan and customize your wedding or special event, and is a useful resource as well as a dj/mc and stage manager. His expertise covers a wide range of possibilities, and he is well connected with proven, top quality providers to create unique experiences! You will likely get married only once - Addam has managed hundreds of successful weddings, and that is not by accident.

All wedding and mobile dj events include a top shelf sound support package that is suitable for most large banquet rooms, including two high powered PA speakers (QSC K12), a subwoofer (QSC KW181) for full range and clarity, and a stage quality handheld wireless microphone (Shure SM58). Addam uses only premium equipment (including Denon, Allen and Heath), which is meticulously maintained to support a high performance demand. Secondary sound setups for outdoor ceremonies and cocktail hours are also an available option, as are additional equipment needs such as wireless lapel mics for your ceremony or extra speakers for big rooms! Addam carries $1M in liability insurance and is an active member of the ADJA (American DJ Association).

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Specialties :

Addam is a seasoned disc jockey with 17 years and well over 2000 events of experience. He is comfortable with any audience, and his specialties include off beat bride and rock and roll weddings, in-boutique events, alternative weddings, nightclub, dance parties, and corporate events. Addam independently serves clients across the Northeast corridor from Washington DC, through NYC and across New England - and works with major brands and designers nationally / internationally with Scratch DJ Academy and Events (the world's largest and most exclusive dj talent agency). He is a skilled audio producer and remix artist, using digital environments with an analog foundation. Ask about mixing a medley for a special dance, editing a piece of music for introductions or a performance, making a music mix for a slideshow - or you can even go as far as producing ready-for-retail quality cds to give to your guests as favors, complete with album artwork and shrink wrap - your music, mixed by dj addambombb!

Costs and Deposits :

Addam is a professional touring DJ, and busy wedding seasons mean "on the road" constantly - but absolutely only one event on your wedding day, preferably only one your whole weekend. Events are priced at "day rates" rather than hourly - saturday weddings in 2013 are contracted at a base rate of $2300 for the day, the deposit required is $600 upon signing. Local lodging for two nights is necessary for all destination based events, and may be required on some events due to scheduling needs (to prevent fatigue and serve you best!). Every event is unique and pricing variants are possible for off-peak periods. Please inquire for a specific quote.

Additional equipment pricing :
ceremony and cocktail system, with two PV PR10 speakers : $425
extra dance floor speakers, pair : $400 - $600 (size dependent)
wireless lapel mics including two microphones and mixer : $250

Custom Audio Production : (examples and more info!)

When you are picking a song for your announcements, you need to consider that the dj will be talking over the music, and that will be drowned out by singing, even at a low volume. Some songs just don't get to the "awesome part" soon enough. Maybe you want a surprise twist to break up a traditional wedding standard. Addam is a pro audio editor, music producer and remix artist - check out some examples and ask about how customize your reception music!
Simple edit for introductions or ceremony : $50
Medley mix (apx 5 - 7 songs with danceable transitions, 4 - 6 mins finished) : $250
Slideshow mix (apx 5 - 7 songs, up to 20 mins finished) : $200

Editing is done a la carte at a rate of $50 per hour.

Custom CD project : (more info!) $750 production and design, plus $2.50 per unit

Addam will work with you to design a custom playlist of around a dozen tracks to make a continuous mix of your favorite music, consult with you and design your album art, have your CDs professionally pressed, printed and packaged and shipped to you! Order exactly the number of CDs you want, whether 25 or 87 or 154 or 329 or 2500! These are NOT (emphasis on NOT) cheesy computer print out labels - these are high quality CDs that are retail quality.

Availability :

To insure the best quality of service, bookings are limited. Peak dates are often booked 12 to 18 months in advance. Scheduling of private events at least 3 months in advance is recommended, to avoid conflicts with travel, touring, and nightclub schedules.

Charitable events :

Addam offers discounted or free services to non-religious and non-politically affiliated organizations working toward progressive humanitarian, civil liberties, and environmental causes on a case-by-case basis. Proposals by email are welcome.

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photo of Addam in the Museum of Science, Boston, by Greg Cooper :