Click the titles and enjoy these examples of dj Addam mixing live on Denon cd players (also check out the remixes on Soundcloud!) :

"2012 live wedding demo mix" :
"This is a demo mix that i performed live on my Denon cd turntables for a wedding showcase. No computer, it's all live looping and filtering, the same way i do it on the dance floor! "

"the music music mixtape" :
"i performed this mix at the request of Scratch Dj's, who honored me with a "dj of the month" feature in their national newsletter... they had asked me to do a themed mix, and i could only think of the thing i love most - music! i tried not to be too obvious about it, strayed around the theme... i pulled out some off the cuff looping to do some recuts, and mixed it all live... it feels good to listen to, tastes a bit like summer! i got in a couple of my favorite classics and a whole lot of great tracks to introduce some future favorites!"
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the mighty mobile mixtape" :
"put this mixtape on a cd for your mom and leave it in her car... within a week she'll be humming the tracks and looking forward to dancing at your wedding! i put some of the most popular songs ever on this mixtape, but there's a few little surprises in there that make it special... and that's just the trick, isn't it?"
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black heart disco star" :
"to be frankenearnest - this is not music you'll very likely want me to play at your wedding... or maybe it is, clubkid... point being that i love all kinds of music, but this is a sound i'll jump around all night to... if this floats your boat, check out more on!"
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"Shag! a Wicked party)" :
"This mixtape was inspired by the music I selected for a Wicked party called "Shag!". The concept was to combine modern tracks and remixes with elements of big band, rhythm and blues, and vocal jazz. The party, of course, was a swingtronic groovetacular, an absolute garagaphonic funkastrophe!"
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too punk to junk" :
"i recorded this so i could listen to a bunch of my favorite "rock-n-roll high school" punk while on tour - keeps the adrenaline up for those long drives!"

photo of Addam in the House of Blues, Boston, by Greg Cooper :